The President and Patrons

Shakespeare’s plays are Great Britain’s priceless national legacy. The time is long overdue that is achievements should live on and be celebrated in the North as well as the South. Shakespeare North provides a perfect and unique opportunity for a permanent home which will undoubtedly draw people to the area, not only form the United Kingdom but from all over the world, and become the crowning glory of the North of England.

Vanessa Redgrave Patron

The President
The Earl of Derby

The Patrons
Vanessa Redgrave, Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Patrick Stewart, David Calder, Sir Paul McCartney, Kim Cattrall, Cherie Blair, Phil Redmond, David Thacker, Rudolph Walker, Lord David Alton, Clive Owen, Sir Bernard de Hoghton, Lady Rosanna de Hoghton, Patrick Spottiswoode, Jimmy McGovern, Alison Steadman, Christine Tremarco, Trudie Styler, Sue Johnston and Michael Brown.

Photographs courtesy of Ellie Kurtz, RSC.

Trustees of Shakespeare North:
Peter Scott (Chair), Kathy Dacre, Elspeth Graham, Keith Hanley, Anthony Holden, Alan Penn, Drew Rowlands, Richard Wilson, Mark Bolland, Dermot Coleman, Mike Harden, Klare Ruffo and Max Steinberg.


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